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We had this curiosity about what makes one of Australia’s highest volume motorways tick, we thought that many people would also be interested too. This inspired us to take a tour of the facility and find out more about it. We had exclusive access to the control room and to General Manager Rex Wright who explained some of the finer details. Like what they do in the event of an incident, how their team responds and how they know about the incident in the first place.

Managing 22km’s of motorway, 8000 vehicles per hour and 150 plus staff, takes high level management and this can’t be carried out without proper procedures in place. Having an intelligent roadway with sensor loops built into the ground that indicates if traffic has stopped or slowed allows the control room to direct one of their 50 plus cameras to the location of the problem.  The highest priority of the motorway is to keep people safe, this coupled with traffic flow means that driving on the motorway is value for money. Not only does your toll pay for the cost of the infrastructure it also pays for the backend support provided by the team. Keeping traffic flowing means a reduction in emissions and with less stop start driving lowers the wear and tear on your vehicle.

In our mind there is no better alternative to taking the Motorway. Just remember when there is a traffic flow issue on the motorway it is generally due to a road users mistake or misfortune rather than the fault of the motorway itself. Blaming the road for someones crash or breakdown is counter intuitive and makes no sense, if only all drivers would drive to the conditions then we wouldn’t have a need for 24 hour support of this nature.

Click on the video to take a look at the motorway and we hope you enjoy this segment or Ian Luff TV.

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