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The team at Ian Luff Motivation Motorsport hosted a Performance Driving Program at the Marulan Driver Training Centre last Friday. The focus of these days is to advance a drivers level of awareness, skills, related to the vehicle clients drive. The challenging Marulan track has been recently modified by lengthening the main straight. Coming off the banked corner that leads onto the straight allows drivers to increase throttle application while decreasing steering lock. In car tuition is provided by Ian Luff and his team of personal trainers.


Stephen Muller from Volksmuller said, “I attended to get endorsement for a CAMS Licence. The in car coaching was so rewarding, this allowed me to fine tune my skills, also making me aware of old habits from years of dirt rallying that did not work on the track.”


Young Jack Phelan driving his Golf GTI said, “Track days are a great way to learn performance driving techniques.”

“Luffy and his guys are the best in the business and help you develop their core values of being accurate, consistent and in control.”

“Please pass on my thanks to the team, I’m coming back for more ‘legal speed’ next time.”

A variety of vehicles included an Audi R8 that sounded awesome under full power. The owner said it was his first driving program and this allowed him to push the upper limits of excitement. All attendees did an early morning track walk so instructors could identify reference points, brake markers, positioning cones and how to determine where the apex is related to the following corner. Important things like the camber of the track and how this can work for, or against driver inputs.


The Ian Luff Performance Driving Program is normally conducted at our Sydney training venue, the ‘Track Attack’ Programs moving to the Marulan Driver Education Centre 90 minutes south of Sydney on the Hume Hwy.

If you have a need for speed check out the video to last Friday’s event……………..

The next ‘Track Attack’ Drive Day is Friday 11th March 2016 at Marulan

Positions are still available for the ‘Performance Driving Program’ (Wednesday 18th November & Friday 11th December 2015) Ian Luff Driver Experience Centre, Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek.

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