Prof Barry Slobedman

Dear Ian

Just a short note of thanks to yourselves and the whole team for the wonderful Performance Driving Course.

I learnt more in that one day than I had learnt in 30 years of driving!

It was not only very informative, but having so much time in the car meant that I had a great opportunity to gain a much better appreciation of my vehicle’s (and my own) limits. Having a highly experienced driver seated next to me and giving constant advice/feedback was an additional highlight.

In addition to being wonderfully helpful for driving skills, it was also a day with lots of laughter, and was a ton-of-fun!

Look forward to doing it again.

Kind regards,
Prof Barry Slobedman


We engaged Ian Luff Motivation to create and facilitate a Team Building Activity as part of our National Sales Conference. We wanted an activity that would:

  • Stimulate creativity in a team environment and teamwork under pressure
  • Provide education on the importance of branding and brand image
  • Encourage each conference participant to focus on achieving their personal best

Ian, with enthusiasm, passion and a sense of humour, definitely delivered on these objectives. Our Delegates were challenged, motivated and empowered and often reminisce about building the ‘ultimate glider’ or achieving their personal best driving a ‘rally’ car.

Ian definitely knows his stuff and we would recommend Ian Luff Motivation for any team building event.

Mark Sookias / Executive General Manager

Copy-Set Service

I first discovered Ian Luff Driver Training Academy in 1999 and enrolled in Stage 1 (understanding your car, braking, oversteer/understeer, the importance of looking where you’re going).

Then I went along to Stage 2 which was held on a wet skid pan learning throttle control, getting your car out of control and back in control, turning and more braking techniques.

Stage 3 was driving on the race track and putting all that looking, handling, turning and braking into practice at low and higher speeds.

During these past 16 years I have participated many times in Luff courses in different cars – always more to learn – always sharpening my driving skills.

In the last 2 years I’ve sent my 2 eldest grandchildren to Ian Luff so they too learn the necessary skills to keep them safe on the roads and as my other 3 grandchildren come of age, I’ll be sending them along to Luff as well.

So many accidents, and indeed fatalities on our roads are caused by people (not necessarily youngsters), who don’t have a clue about how to drive safely and how to react to an emergency situation should one arise.

At every opportunity I recommend people (young and older) to do an Ian Luff course and I’m totally convinced it may save theirs or other peoples’ lives.

Karin Ross

BOC Limited

At BOC we run an annual Transport Safety day and invite along senior members from BOC and our contractor group. It is always a challenge to keep it fresh and topical and a key to this is to ensure we have compelling topics and presenters. Through a colleague, Ian Luff was recommended to us to provide an insightful look into safety and behaviors with a twist. Ian, or as he became known ‘The Luffman’ proved to be a charismatic presenter capable of delivering a powerful, compelling vision of driver safety.

Two years on and participants at that Transport Safety day still refer to Ian’s presentation.


Peter Simpson
Head of Deliver
South Pacific

BOC Limited
A member of the Linde Group

Allowrie Foods Australia

The chequered flag has fallen on the ‘Start Your Engines’ promotion.

Our overall sales result for the three month period was 40.4% increase over the corresponding period last year.

The chance to drive a racecar proved to be the successful lure and I believe the challenge of doing something highly unusual and thrilling contributed to the success and promotion.

The professional demeanour of your staff and great enthusiasm displayed by yourself Ian was infectious and ensured the days were an outstanding success.

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party is a proud voice for enthusiasts and the motoring industry, and we aim to be a major contributor to the discussion on road safety.

We have been working closely with Ian Luff and Stewart Nichols through our Motoring Advisory Council, on road safety, driver development, vehicle safety, speed limits and driver licencing, as they are considered leaders in this space.

Recently they were given the opportunity to present their strategies for improving road safety at a Senate Inquiry hearing on Road Safety. With their strong focus on improving road safety and competencies that limits a learner driver’s exposure to risk, Ian Luff and Stewart are valuable resources to the Party and the Senator’s Office.

Sharyn Littler
Chairman, Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party

Interlink Roads

Interlink Roads engaged Ian Luff to promote to employees awareness of road safety, including techniques for safe driving. Ian’s presentation was interactive, fun and promoted discussion among staff. The SMART Formula for driving gave participants life-long principles to Drive to Survive. Participation was voluntary during lunch breaks, and was so engaging that some staff attended multiple times!

Ian’s knowledge and presentation skills provided Interlink confidence that employees now have a greater awareness of road safety.

Rex Wright
General Manager