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In early 2017 we went to market to source a Driver Safety Training Partner that could mitigate the significant risk we face as a Pharmaceutical Organisation with a large team of field-based, Commercial Travellers across all States of Australia.

When appointing the team at Ian Luff Motivation, we came to the conclusion that the organisation’s rich history of on-road driving experience coupled with their extensive experience providing Safe Driving Programs across Australian Organisations matched our needs and would truly assist us in delivering against the program goals.

We commenced working with Business Development Director, Stewart Nicholls and have, to-date, rolled out our Driver Safety Program to all employees across Australia. The program was launched at a National Conference with a keynote address from Jarrad Ingram, a high-speed collision survivor with a powerful motivational message arising from the story of his rehabilitation from the brain injury he incurred in the accident. This powerful program introduction was followed by a national roadshow where the driver safety training content was delivered in the form of a 1⁄2 day, in-classroom learning session. This was followed by a customised in-field assessment of individual driving and road safety skills.

What has been most impressive about Stewart and the team at Ian Luff Motivation is there unwavering commitment to our journey. We did not want to create a program that was inflexible and unresponsive to feedback from our employees. We wanted a non-static, malleable and meaningful program that enabled us to accurately assess the skills and capabilities of our people while layering in new skills, habits and knowledge to increase their safety whilst driving. If it weren’t for the significant skills of Ian Luff and his team in addition to their ability to translate their years of driving experience in a meaningful and impactful way, I do not believe we would have achieved our goals so convincingly.

We continue to grow and evolve our program in partnership with Ian Luff, recently adding a Manager’s Train the Trainer session that provided Management team with hands-on capability in conducting in-field driving and safety assessments of their employees. Further, we are adding another one-on-one, safe driving coaching session for those drivers who face more difficult driving conditions or at greater risk due to their location.

The positive feedback we are already receiving about our Driver Safety Program is impressive! It is clear that, if we did not forge this partnership with Ian Luff, we may be telling a very different and tragic story about our employee’s on-road safety history.

We would highly recommend Ian Luff and his team to all prospective employers that truly care about the ongoing safety of their field-based employees.


Brooke Loane
Human Resources Director Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd