September 4, 2015 Published by

Copy-Set Service

I first discovered Ian Luff Driver Training Academy in 1999 and enrolled in Stage 1 (understanding your car, braking, oversteer/understeer, the importance of looking where you’re going).

Then I went along to Stage 2 which was held on a wet skid pan learning throttle control, getting your car out of control and back in control, turning and more braking techniques.

Stage 3 was driving on the race track and putting all that looking, handling, turning and braking into practice at low and higher speeds.

During these past 16 years I have participated many times in Luff courses in different cars – always more to learn – always sharpening my driving skills.

In the last 2 years I’ve sent my 2 eldest grandchildren to Ian Luff so they too learn the necessary skills to keep them safe on the roads and as my other 3 grandchildren come of age, I’ll be sending them along to Luff as well.

So many accidents, and indeed fatalities on our roads are caused by people (not necessarily youngsters), who don’t have a clue about how to drive safely and how to react to an emergency situation should one arise.

At every opportunity I recommend people (young and older) to do an Ian Luff course and I’m totally convinced it may save theirs or other peoples’ lives.

Karin Ross