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Ask any airline pilot how many hours they have logged in a flight simulator before taking to the skies and their answer will shock you. In Formula One the likes of multiple World Champion Lewis Hamilton also uses a driving simulator to hone his skills.

Recently our team at Ian Luff Motivation Australia got up close and personal with a race car simulator at our Sydney Training Centre, Eastern Creek. The vehicle is a current spec Holden Commodore decked out in Bathurst Star Wars livery, as raced to 3rd place (2015) by Garth Tander and Warren Luff.


This driver simulator is the real deal, it has the latest computer software so a driver can race at any circuit. The lure of Mount Panorama, Bathurst was too hard to resist and the experience is mind blowing. Doing almost 300km/h down Conrod Straight has your body moving around due to hydraulic rams linking throttle, braking and steering. The sequential gear shift plus the roar of the V8 engine creates a fantastic learning tool.


The people behind this electronic wizardry are Ross and Jacqui from G Force Simulators NSW. As Ross explained, before we got behind the wheel, “You must be very precise with the controls, particularly steering.” He also mentioned how most first time drivers have trouble with adjusting to faster speeds causing massive offs and crashes. Simulators open up the world of motorsport to people who would never normally get their backside trackside. When you weigh up the cost of buying a race vehicle, learning how to drive in a high pressure environment, you quickly realise there is a market for people wanting to experience high speed excitement on race tracks all over the world.


Ian Luff Motivation Australia is looking at incorporating this high adrenalin V8 race car experience – simulator in it’s ‘Play Hard & Win’ Corporate Team Building Program.

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