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For drivers with a few years experience, think back to when you started.

Most people had instruction from either mum or dad, brother, sister, relative and for some, learner driving school lessons. If you are totally honest, driving was a challenge, simple things like negotiating a corner, even braking, required many hours before you felt comfortable and in control.

That well used expression, ‘practice makes perfect’ should mean our busy driving environment is a safe place, where it’s a minefield seeing drivers fighting for survival! Statistics are a great medium to get a read on what is, or what is not happening. Government tell us that 95% of motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to human error. In fact, novice drivers – 17-25 years are over represented in road trauma meaning the learning to drive system has massive shortcomings.

Australia is a very progressive country, sadly driver training falls short leaving learners to fend for themselves with outdated information.

The majority of learner drivers have techniques learnt that have been passed down through generations. Take into account old vehicles, without power steering, no ABS, no Electronic Stability Control, no air bags, the list goes on. At the Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy (Est. 1983) our training staff are constantly re programming driver habits and behaviour.

Ian Luff (right), pictured with Scott Bucton senior Learner Driver Coach Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy

“When we ask who taught you to do that?, they will tell you mum, dad, brother, sister,” says Drive to Survive Business Development Director Stewart Nicholls.

The ‘Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy’ got involved in learner driver tuition through an introduction to NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay. This happened before he and the NSW Coalition were elected in 2011.

Both Duncan Gay and Andrew Stoner attended an exclusive ‘Drive to Survive’ program that enlightened their thinking about driver training. Highly impressed, Minister Gay set about the introduction of the ‘Safer Drivers Course’ for learners once they had completed (50) log book hours.

To help with the development of the course, Ian Luff and Stewart Nicholls were invited to sit on the advisory panel set up by Transport for NSW. When the ‘Safer Drivers Course’ was introduced in July 2013, the ‘Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy’ became a fully accredited (RMS) service provider and delivered the very first program.

NSW Roads Minister (centre) pictured with Ian Luff (right) and Stewart Nicholls

Attendance at the course see’s Learner Driver attendees complete two modules. (Module 1), a 3 hour classroom interactive experience where up to (12) attendees learn life saving driving strategies. Module 2 is 2 hours in duration and is conducted on public roads with our fully accredited, ‘Safer Driving Course’ instructor.

The ‘Ian Luff Safer Driving Academy’ employs only the best personal training staff. Our instructors know the importance of effective communication, behavioural engagement, while implementing their wealth of knowledge.

Every year 95,000 new Learner drivers hit the roads in NSW alone, with some 250,000 holders at any one time. Each required to complete 120 logbook hours to gain their provisional license.
The experienced drivers who share the roads with these inexperienced newbies can and do get frustrated with slower speeds, jerky wheel movements and early braking. However they fail to recognise that these learner drivers are trying to find their way, trying to gain vital competency and learn basic control of a motor vehicle, often in a scary intolerant environment.
In this video we look at realtime footage from our learner vehicles and Ian Luff delivers a message that all experienced drivers should consider while interacting with the learner drivers we encounter on our roads.
Please click the link below to see this very important story.

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