Drive to Survive® established in 1983 by driver education expert Ian Luff is a holistic approach to increasing driver competency. It is a well-known fact that driving is the most dangerous everyday tasks that we undertake. Safe driving principles start with our renowned Defensive Driver training program that provides you with the exclusive SMART Formula for better, safer, driving habits.

Our Performance Driving program provides advanced driver capability for anyone that wants to get the most from their vehicle and themselves personally. CAMS Observed License Testing (OLT) is available for those considering motorsport. Our methods are proven, and effective, for anyone wanting to become a more capable driver, irrespective of experience. You will learn effective driving strategies that could save your life and allow you to perform better under pressure. Drive to Survive® is the best driver development pathway available.

  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Workplace Driver Training
  • Performance Driving Program
  • Certificate on Completion
  • CAMS OLT Accreditation
  • Reduce Your RISK While Driving
  • Practical and Theory
  • In-School Driver Education

“Learning how to – Drive To Survive® – is about engaging a pro-active mindset to stimulate positive thinking resulting in responsible actions and behaviour. We have a range of Driver Training Programs for you to choose, that have been designed to make you or your team smarter, safer drivers!”

Drive To Survive®

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