Sydney Water

September 4, 2015 6:23 am Published by

SydneyWaterLogoIan Luff Motivation Australia created a specific training package for water utility company Sydney Water.

Specifically targeting their depot workers that have to drive medium sized trucks with trailers towing heavy digging equipment. This involved working with their management to determine the risks they wanted addressed specifically.

From these discussions came a new 5-point safety plan that all drivers have to follow and a rollout via the Active Driver Saftey training program. All staff had to attend this onsite to ensure continuity and coverage.

Our organisation filmed a training video that showed the stopping distance difference of a truck versus that of a utility or that of a passenger car. We also filmed the new 5 point safety plan procedure so the staff were clear on what this entailed and why it was important.

This footage was used in the Active Driver Safety training package and was also kept by the client for future use, making it a valuable asset. The feedback from the managers involved with each department was excellent and was said that this was the best training they had ever received. They have since generated stickers for each vehicle, reinforcing the 5-point safety plan and backing up the training that we have delivered.

The outcome of this style of training is simple, we addressed the issue that the client had and provided them with a cost effective solution that fitted in with their business requirements. Saved on down time and met the criteria set to reduce their risk.