NETS Ambulance

September 4, 2015 6:26 am Published by

NETS_Ambulance_for_Emergency_Intensive_Care_for_newborns_and_children_01NETS Ambulance service has been a regular user of the Active Driver Safety program for some time. Being a high stress environment means their drivers have a very specific need for high level training and on going assessment.

Our organisation provides this on a regular basis to ensure that the staff remains vigilant with regards to safe driving practices. We do this via delivering 2 Hour interactive workshops on site for all drivers to reinforce the safe driving message. This includes tips on defensive driving techniques, distractions and risk reduction advice while driving (under lights and sirens).

Given the environment they are working in, we also include one on one on road assessments with one of our expert trainers. This allows our staff to check on their driving behaviour, technique and methods out in the traffic driving one of their vehicles. Advice is offered to any driver who needs correcting and this is a non threatening way of improving fleet competency.

At the conclusion of the program, the company is provided with an individual report on each of the staff members as well as an overall report on the health of the fleet based on the observations made. This is a very effective and cost efficient way to ensure your staff are all safe and aware of their risks.