Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

September 4, 2015 6:29 am Published by


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a major player in the Air Conditioning market. Presented with the need to launch a new revolutionary product to all of their major installers, MHI had never before tried to invite their dealers into one location like this before.

They planned to host this event at our training facility (Sydney Dragway Eastern Creek), the venue being perfect for their needs having an inside presentation room coupled with an outdoor covered area for the display unit. To add to the appeal of the event we also designed a unique driving program that rewarded their clients for taking time off work to attend this very important product launch.

The event started with egg and bacon rolls on arrival, followed by corporate messages about the new product’s available. A full Air-conditioning system was on display for them to view and discuss, allowing guests to touch and feel the new product.

After a BBQ style lunch we treated the attendees to a driving program where they got to participate in a Performance Driving Program, learning how to control vehicles that we supplied.


Trophies were presented to the people who listened to the instructors and participated with enthusiasm. Overall the attendees enjoyed the day and left energised, increasing sales. One attendee increased their sales with the company by over 200% in the next 12-month period based on this experience.