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After working with Makita previously to energise their staff, management approached us with a different idea, this time to incentivise their clients. After discussing their needs we set up a ‘money can’t buy’ event that they were able to use to motivate their affiliates and reach new sales targets.

The qualifying period ran for three months and even though this was in a period of economic stress for the wider community, the desired goal was achieved.

To gain this response from their dealer network we had to come up with something extraordinary and one that fitted their target audience. It was simply termed a sales ‘Rev Up’.

The event involved a unique experience on a national scale and was exclusive for just 60 delegates (including partners) who qualified through meeting sales targets. The overview being an insiders look into V8 Supercar racing. Hosting the event at the ANZ (Olympic) Stadium while the final round of the year for V8 Supercars was taking place, qualified delegates gained exclusive access to the Stadium after spending the night at a local 5 star hotel. Once inside, the guests were ushered into a private room inside the Stadium where the main experience took place over the course of the day.

On arrival they had gourmet coffee and morning tea. This was followed by an introduction to V8 Supercars by endurance co-driver for Triple 8 racing Warren Luff. Warren spoke about what it was like from a driver’s perspective and what the teams go through to prepare for such an important race meeting.


Following this we took the whole group on a tour of the pit facility, with groups touring through the Triple 8 racing B Double transporter and team garage. With plenty action and excitement going on Warren gave them a unique perspective and insight into this exciting sport.

Once the group returned to the air condition luxury of the stadium they were treated to a three-course gourmet lunch. Our team then introduced a group activity we call ‘Aim High’. This is where attendees were placed into teams of 10 and each team were set the task of building balsawood planes out of raw materials. The key message was teamwork, along with a mandatory requirement to highlight specific Makita branding on plane they built.

This culminated in a fly off competition from the top seating section inside the stadium; some planes even reached the infield. Prizes were awarded for plane design/branding and performance when flown. This was a very fun and exciting exercise with high energy and competitive behaviour shown by the teams.

Attendees then were able to relax with a live rock show and some alcoholic beverages while they enjoyed a private viewing area to watch the racing either live or on the TV monitors inside.

Overall this event was a huge success, the cost of the initiative was more than made up for by increased sales. The loyalty shown towards Makita by the dealers after this experience is still being felt today, long after the car crossed the finish line.