March 29, 2016 10:09 pm Published by

Following on from a fleet safety forum organised by GIO Insurance that Ian Luff Motivation Australia business development director Stewart Nicholls presented at, Hunter Water management who attended the forum looked to implement strategies that Stewart had discussed to reduced staff risk and reduce increasing insurance costs.

Engaging with Ian Luff Motivation Australia as their preferred provider, the whole process of activation took less than 12 months to be rolled out across the group.

With a large identified fleet, no driver was spared from the proactive overarching fleet safety strategy that saved significant costs compared to just straight driver training alone. Not only did this approach reach all staff, it was also considerably less expensive than any credible alternative.


Separating the drivers into several different business groups, all drivers first undertook the Roadmarque™ risk assessment system. This not only identified the drivers at risk, but also reinforced company driving and safety policies to all staff. This strategy brought all drivers from all departments inline with company expectations and driver safety values.

Following on from Roadmarque™, identified ‘at risk’ drivers undertook Active Driver Safety workshops™, load restraint training and 4WD training to meet this new fleet safety strategy. These programs were delivered by our professional and highly experience trainers, with overwhelming positive feedback from the attendees.


This comprehensive approach not only ensured drivers were made aware of their obligations, it also served as an effective way of encouraging staff to become more active with their own safety and responsibilities. Through this process, drivers were educated and are now more empowered to ensure a safer driving environment for employees and the general public, lowering the overall risk score of their fleet. The financial benefits of implementing this strategy will result in lower insurance premiums and claims saving further costs to the organisation.

With staff driver safety now just as important as all other employee workplace health and safety requirements, managers can no longer turn a blind eye to driver competency or risk. The program undertaken by Hunter Water must be considered as comprehensive, inline with best practice and in some respects cutting edge.

Don’t risk your fleet to chance, ensure you are covered as doing nothing is as good as gambling; it won’t always pay off.