Dubbo School of Distance

September 4, 2015 6:25 am Published by

elizabeth_and_ida_1430871221037_lThe Dubbo School of distance approached us with the need to reinforce recent driving policy changes across their driving staff.

Instead of introducing a straight training program, we introduced them to our risk management program called ‘Roadmarque’ that ties in the driving policy, it also calculates the risk for each driver to give you a good understanding of who is likely to cause an incident.

The system identifies the risk score of each driver by the following method:

  • Carrying out a driver survey (looks at driving experience and stress levels)
  • Completing a Psychometric test (evaluates a drivers propensity to take risks)
  • Reaction Test – Determines who has naturally lower reactions and can advise on safer driving strategies
  • Company Question test – Tests candidates on their knowledge of your safe driving policy

Staff may say they know your safe driving policy but the reality is they probably have ‘NEVER’ read it!

This is a good cost effective way to ensure drivers are all on the same page and identify who is most at risk. Incidentally new staff members can also be added at anytime as part of the induction process.

We can also level the intervention (training) depending on what your acceptable risk level is and offer, workshops, training seminars and even one on one in car assessments for those who have a higher risk level.

The system operates on email, so you don’t need to do anything once it starts, and it can be managed via a unique login with a single or multiple administration approach, with reports available at any time.

Once this process was introduced they had a clear pathway to ensure all staff were aware of recent changes to policies and we provided them with a report on which drivers needed further support as a result of the data we collected. In short we saved them 68% on their initial spending requirements and delivered the exact same result with significantly less downtime by the staff that undertook the program.